Measurement Archive

Welcome to the Alabama Research Institute on Aging’s Measurement Archive at The University of Alabama.  We’re glad you’ve visited.

Archived here is a collection of empirically supported measures intended to facilitate research and clinical work with older adults. Featured resources are diverse in their purposes and applications — ranging from measures of depression, caregiving, and attitudes toward sexuality to assessments of cognitive impairment, substance abuse, and mobility.  In addition to the measure itself, available information about each measure’s native literature(s), psychometric properties, and coding is also provided.

The Institute is committed to actively growing and refining this archive, and we welcome your help with that effort. Your comments, recommendations, and submission of additional measures are invited. Please include supplementary data and references if at all possible.

We hope you find this useful. Happy searching.

Disclaimer: All measures included herein are, to our knowledge, nonproprietary and otherwise available for public use and dissemination. These measures, and their associated features, have also been reviewed extensively for accuracy and completeness. Please forward all recommendations, amendments, concerns, grievances, and other inquiries to Brian Cox at  Thank you.