Hear Here

Mounting evidence suggests that hearing loss in adults is associated with social isolation, depression, and cognitive decline. Loss of hearing has become a growing public health concern. By improving access to care for all, we can help to mitigate the negative effects of hearing loss.

This project is a randomized group treatment clinical trial using community-based participatory research to understand and address the needs of those with hearing loss and their families living in underserved communities of West Central and South Alabama. Additionally, Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids (OTC HAs) are being provided to adults with mild-to-moderate hearing loss who will be placed in one of three groups, assessing how to best provide these devices. Vital to this project is our mobile audiology clinic, the Hear Here Alabama truck.

The long-term goals of this initiative are to understand how limited access to hearing health care affects those who live in persistently poor regions of the state, and additionally, to implement viable and successful intervention options.

More information can be found at hearherealabama.as.ua.edu.