Dusty Data

Welcome to the Dusty Data Collaboration Project!

Below are some member projects looking for writing/collaboration help this summer.

Dr. Rebecca Allen (rsallen@ua.edu)

  1. UMC Geriatrics Clinic Objective and Subjective Health Literacy: this project will describe the relation between subjective health literacy and objective health literacy/numeracy as measured by the Newest Vital Sign instrument. We will use longitudinal data since the introduction of the NVS in about 2018.
  2. Palliative Care Literacy – Dr. Amy Albright’s Dissertation data: Two MTurk studies examine palliative care knowledge as measured by the Merz and Carpenter instrument. The second study builds upon this and examines attitudes toward medical aid in dying/death with dignity.

Would love to have social work collaborators and biostats help is ALWAYS appreciated!

Goal: Submit those manuscripts!

Dr. Ian M McDonough (immcdonough@ua.edu)

  1. The Alabama Brain Study on Risk for Dementia has brain imaging, cognitive, psychosocial, and health data in middle-aged and older adults. From this data set, I would like to publish papers on brain structure and function are related to a) discrimination, b) subjective memory concerns, c) dementia risk, d) finance/math ability.

I can analyze the brain data, but I don’t have time to write all of the Intro and Discussion, so could use some help. If anyone wants to learn how to analyze brain data, I can teach them how we do it and they could help in that aspect too.

Goal: Submit those manuscripts!

Dr.  JoAnn Oliver (joliver@ua.edu)

  1. Colorectal Cancer Screening and Genetic testing knowledge – Quantitative and Qualitative data
  2. Health Care provider interview data – about cancer screening – Qualitative Data

I would like assistance with analyzing data and manuscript development. All disciplines are welcome to assist.

Goal: Submit those manuscripts!