Seminar Series 2004

February 9, 2004
“The Tasks of Parent Care: A Model of Assessment Leading to a State of Science, Tailored Intervention”
Michael W. Parker, LTCR, DSW, BCD, LCSW
Assistant Professor, John A. Hartford Geriatric Scholar
School of Social Work
The University of Alabama

February 23, 2004
“Aging Parental Caregivers of Adult Children with Serious Mental Illness”
Allan V. Kaufman, Ph.D.
Professor, School of Social Work
The University of Alabama

March 8, 2004
“Caregivers of Older Clients with Severe Mental Illness: Burdens, Rewards, and Service Needs”
Gordon MacNeil, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, School of Social Work
The University of Alabama

Sherry Cummings, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, College of Social Work
University of Tennessee at Nashville

March 22, 2004
“Behavioral Activation as a Treatment for Geriatric Depression”
Forrest Scogin, Ph.D.
Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Psychology
The University of Alabama

April 12, 2004
“The Impact of Action Errors on Quality of Life in Persons with Dementia”
Beth L. Macauley, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of communicative Disorders
The University of Alabama

April 26, 2004
“Survival to Very Old Age: Lessons Learned from the Georgia Centenarian Study”
Leonard W. Poon, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology, Chair, Faculty of Gerontology
Director, Gerontology Center
University of Georgia

May 3, 2004
“Palliative and Existentially Augmented Care at the End-of-Life PEACE: Examining the Role of Legacy Activities in Caregiver and Care Recipient Distress”
Rebecca S. Alle, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
The University of Alabama

September 16, 2004
“Research on Gerontological Assessment Revisited: A Personal Odyssey 1966-2004”
Barbara Berkman, DSW
Helen Rehr/Ruth Fizdale Professor of Health and Mental Health
School of Social Work, Columbia University
National Director, Hartford Geriatric Social Work Faculty Scholars Program
(Co-Sponsored by CMHA and School of Social Work)

September 30, 2004
“Recent Advances in Family Caregiver Intervention Research”
William E. Haley, Ph.D.
Professor, and Director, School of Aging Studies
University of South Florida

October 11, 2004
“Emerging Issues of Custodial Grandparents in Rural Settings”
Martha R. Crowther, Ph.D., MPH
Assistant Professor, Department of Health Behavior
University of Alabama at Birmingham

October 25,2004
“Care Alternatives in Prison Systems”
Rebecca S. Allen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Laura L. Phillips, M. A.
Department of Psychology
The University of Alabama

November 5, 2004
“Subject Recruitment Issues in African Americans”
Keith Whifield, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Biobehavioral Health
Pennsylvania State University

December 6, 2004
“Managing Behavioral Symptoms in Persons with Dementia”
Cornelia Beck, Ph.D.
Director of Research, Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence
University of Arkansas