Lynn Snow

A. Lynn Snow

Fax: (205) 348-8648


Research Interests:  Dr. Snow’s main research interests are in the area of improving quality of care in nursing home residents, particularly topics of the evaluation and management of pain in residents with dementia, and the process of nursing home organizational change. She is also interested in developing and evaluating assessments and treatments of other psychological disorders in persons with dementia (especially depression, agitation/aggression, and quality of life).

Research Affiliations: Alabama Research Institute on Aging

Recent Publications:

Snow,A.L., O’Malley K., Kunick M., Cody M., Beck C., Ashton CM., Bruera E., Novy D.; A conceptual model of pain assessment for non-communicative persons with dementia., Gerontologist, 44:807-817, Winter 2004

Snow, A. L., Dani R., Souchek J., Ashton C., Sullivan G., Kunick ME (2005). Comorbid Psychosocial Symptons and Quality of Life in Patients With Dementia. Am J Ger Psy, May:13(5):393-40.

Snow, A. L., Kunick M., Molinari V., Orengo CA., Doody R., Graham D., Norris M (2005).  Accuracy of self-reported depression in persons with dementia. JAGS, Mar:53(3):389-96.

Snow, A.L., Cook K., Lin P.S., Morgan R., &Magaziner J. (2005).  Proxies and Other Externa-Raters: Methodological Considerations. HSR, 40(5):1676-1693.

Snow, A.L., Powers D., & Liles D., (2006). Cognitive-Behavioral Terapy for Long-Term Care Pateints with Dementia. In: L. Hyer, R. Intrieri (Eds.) Clinical Applied Gerontological Interventions In Long-term Care. Springer Publishing Company. (pp 265-293).